Everyone knows what to expect at a standard-issue wedding, from the march down the aisle to the nondescript chicken dinner served at the reception. But what if you don't want a generic experience to represent the most important day of your life? If you're craving something different, think about these unconventional enhancements.

The Pop Culture Wedding

For countless music lovers and pop culture worshippers, Elvis remains "the King" -- which is why many couples seek to enjoy the legendary singer's regal presence as an integral part of their wedding day. Elvis-themed wedding chapels and packages, including ""Elvis" himself officiating over the ceremony, are enjoying a resurgence in popularity. But you and your beloved can also avail yourselves of a wide variety of other pop culture themes these days. Weddings modeled after the science-fiction and fantasy worlds of Star Trek, The Lord of the Rings, Star Wars and other favorites can all be had. Your local bridal store might even stock some specially-themed items in response to such requests.

As fun as these wedding options sound, they should be given serious thought. You don't want your combination of wedding attire and pointed ears to permanently estrange you from appalled parents, after all. But you might be surprised at how many of your loved ones show support or even enthusiasm when you float your idea out to them. Pop culture themed weddings can bring a welcome dose of humor and lightheartedness to a ceremony often dominated by solemnity and tension. If you want to stay relaxed and amused while sharing your cultural passions with a like-minded soulmate, then you'll find this approach a uniquely satisfying way to get married.

The Wheeled Wedding

Four-wheeled vehicles of various types can add a lot of quirky fun, not to mention genuine convenience, to your wedding. If the two of you love classic cars, for instance, you can rent one to make a grand entrance at the church -- and then drive away in it afterward. Bear in mind, however, that actually taking a vintage vehicle on an extended trip can cost in the neighborhood of $900. If you want to make a visual impact while sustaining less of a jolt to your bank account, schedule a two-hour rental for $250 or so. Make sure the car figures prominently in your wedding photos, drive it from the ceremony to the rental facility -- and then take a cab back to your "real" car.

If you really want to let your hair down and have some fun, put your wedding's food and drink on wheels. Food truck wedding receptions make a cute, yet delicious alternative to traditional wedding caterers. They also make it easy for you to mix and match your favorite cuisines. For instance, you could have a barbecue truck, a vegetarian truck and an ice cream truck all set up in the church parking lot for a refreshingly casual outdoor reception.

The Airborne Wedding

Does the idea of getting married make you feel as if you could sprout wings and fly? If so, consider taking to the air for some portion of your wedding day -- including the ceremony itself. Some couples exchange vows in midair by renting a passenger balloon for the occasion. In fact, a recent mega-event in Latvia saw a record-breaking 50 couples sharing 30 balloons all get married at the same time, with thousands of well-wishers (presumably including the invited wedding guests) watching from below. You might even obtain small helium balloons from your bridal store and have your guests release them into the sky as you ascend!

Perhaps you'd rather stay on the ground alongside friends and family members for the actual ceremony while still getting a taste of heavenly altitudes. In that case, you can always hire a helicopter to fly you and your spouse-to-be around. Not only does a helicopter landing bring new drama to the bride's appearance at an outdoor wedding, but the two of you can use that same helicopter as your "Just Married" getaway vehicle, flying directly from the wedding site to the local airport as the first stop toward your exotic honeymoon location.

From favorite characters from pop culture to favorite foods and methods of transportation, it's your wedding and you should customize it to reflect how you and your partner see the world. So put your heads together, use your imaginations and create a unique experience together. You can start by checking out sites like http://bridalelegance.us.com/ to see what local bridal shops have to offer that might fit into your wedding theme.