Social media is an asset when you need someone to talk to or just want to connect with the people that you love. However, you do need to remember that your social media accounts could reveal more information about your pregnancy or adoption plans than you or the adoptive family might feel comfortable with. It can be a little tricky knowing what is safe to post on social media when you are dealing with an unplanned pregnancy, but you can work with your specialist to make sure that you don't make any mistakes that could interfere with your dreams for the future.

Include Social Media Agreements in the Adoption Plan

Unplanned pregnancy resources help you to put together an adoption plan that includes how much contact you will have with your baby. Today, many birth parents are taking this one step further to include provisions for the use of social media. For instance, you can work out an agreement on how and when you and the adoptive family can post photos or updates on the birth. Being on the same page helps everyone respect each other's differing needs for privacy.

Let Other People In Your Life Know Your Preferences

There are other people in your life who may be involved with the pregnancy, and they should also be aware of the social media agreement. If you find it hard to talk to the birth father or your parents about your wishes, then you can work with your adoption counselor to make the process easier. 

Understand How the Law Could Affect Your Posts

Unplanned pregnancy adoption resources help you out with many of the legal aspects of placing your baby with an adoptive family. Your specialist can also help you to make sure that your social media posts do not interfere with local laws that govern advertising about adoption and other pregnancy options. Although it is rare to get in trouble, you don't want your excitement about finding an adoptive family to come across as advertising. Your specialist can also connect you with potential adoptive families offline so that your decision-making process is more private.

Find Out What to Do If a Child Contacts You Online

Unless you have a completely closed adoption that includes limiting information about your identity, there is always the possibility that your baby may reach out to you online someday. Although you might not have given birth yet, it helps to know what to do if your child one day reaches out to you on social media. In most cases, you will be recommended to reach out to your adoption specialist to avoid violating your adoption plan and determine the best way to make formal contact.

Lean On Your Adoption Specialist for Emotional Support

During stressful moments, you might be tempted to post your worries on social media. However, some comments can come back to haunt you. If you feel upset or scared, then connect your adoption specialist who can give you professional and confidential support. Look for unplanned pregnancy adoption resources for more information.